About Us

Concert delivers information, communications and technology solutions.
Our approach breaks through the traditional barriers that impede rapid execution & cost effective ICT delivery.

We founded the business in 2011 delivering forensic ICT through an agile service model that focused on the remediation of compromised or failed enterprise technology projects. Underpinning Concert's core value proposition, and after years of R&D, our team implemented ICT Resourcing as a Service, a labour model delivering true professional services and enhanced recruitment capability.

Concert brings to the table an aggregated stable of world-class ICT services and solutions architected to fill significant capability gaps in our markets.

We've integrated our services and solutions with an enterprise engagement framework that supports accelerated, cost-effective & clinical ICT delivery.

Concert holds ICT certifications with the Australian Federal Government, New South Wales Government and Queensland Government in various ICT Services Schemes.

Our vision is to redefine the resourcing landscape, by becoming the leader in the provision of dynamic and innovative Professional People services and platforms.

Our mission is to deliver high quality support, flexibility, scalability and efficiency, for organisations and individuals, by driving innovation, speed and best-in-class service and digital platforms, for Professional People resourcing and services.

Our values include:

  • Innovation - we disrupt the status-quo through the use of digital technology and people supply chain optimisation.
  • Excellence - we deliver best-in-class service for our clients.
  • Results-driven - we operate in a high-performing environment and enjoy celebrating our success.
  • Dynamic - we are fast, efficient, flexible and agile, in all we do for our clients and for each other.
  • Supportive - we are empathetic, and operate with respect and integrity.

Concert ICT is delighted to partner with HeartKids. We are proud to sponsor this outstanding organisation, helping them achieve their tremendous work and mission.

HeartKids is a registered Health Charity dedicated to providing support to families of children with heart disease, be it congenital or acquired.

They have also partnered with leading cardiologists and researchers and are working to provide funding to assist in reducing the incidence of Childhood Heart Disease and the mortality rates currently being experienced.