Sourcing, Contracting, Logistics, Payroll, Engagement & Reports

Expert Witness & Opinion

Sourcing, Contracting, Logistics, Payroll, Engagement & Reports

Expert Witness & Opinion

Let Concert ICT do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you

Need to engage with a service provider that really understands ICT forensics, expert witness and opinion and can deliver a fully integrated managed solution?

When time, money and expertise are critical success factors in sourcing and delivering expert witnesses, let a Concert professional do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. Our team and service management methodology runs full life-cycle for the duration of your case. Irrespective of whether you’re a lawyer, we’ll manage every aspect of providing critical support services to a single expert, or an entire expert team including sourcing, contracting, logistics, payroll & fees, engagement management, communications, report formatting and presentation.

Source a Concert Expert

Concert has access to more than 25,000 technical experts & consultants ready to engage. There’s no need to invest your time and resources looking for an ICT, technology or subject matter expert to represent you or your client.

At Concert, our team source and profile the best experts in their field and sector, making recommendations based on our expert opinion. We present a shortlist of experts to you for final screening and approval.

We use tried and tested professional services and recruitment profile matching tools and techniques to source and determine the most relevant expert or expert team to work with you on your case file. When time and resources are critical, let Concert ICT step up and deliver your experts.

Brief a Concert Expert

Our blue chip in-house expertise in finding the right experts & professionals for the job spans decades at all levels of industry.

One of the Concert management team can review a case file within 24 hours (often same day) and can determine the profile of expert you need, source that expert and prepare them for briefing in a matter of days. We profile match experience and industry qualifications against a needs analysis methodology based on the cases individual merits and requirements to give you an unprecedented level of engagement and output.

Our methods can deliver the best chance of getting the right expert or expert team quickly, getting them briefed and getting them productive without the fuss or overhead. Getting an expert that can deliver the facts and the compelling evidence you need can be the difference between success and failure. If you want a premium service without the premium price, call or contact Concert. “Do it once and do it right and no rework”.